National Pain Week

Amber Wang

29 Jul 2020


  • Personal Injury

The period 27 July to 2 August 2020 is National Pain Week, an initiative of Chronic Pain Australia. Some of the goals of National Pain Week are to remove the stigma associated with living with chronic pain, educate the public about chronic pain, and let medical professionals know what assistance is required from patients living with chronic pain.

While everyone has experienced the sensation of pain, we all expect that the pain will only last until the illness subsides, or the injury heals. The experience of chronic pain is different.

Doctors often define chronic pain as any pain lasting for three or more months; however, chronic pain can last for several years or a lifetime. While chronic pain often commences as a physical trauma to one part of the body (for example from a motor vehicle or workplace accident), chronic pain can evolve to include syndromes involving different body parts and systems (such as the nervous or endocrine system) and impact mental health.

Chronic pain can cause havoc to a person’s career, finances and lifestyle, as well as impacting their family and homelife. Our personal injury practice assist people who are adapting their lives around their experience of chronic pain, and regularly see the pain, frustration, confusion and disability resulting from situations where people do not have access to proper treatment or support.

Chronic Pain Australia provides helpful resources on their website to assist people who may be navigating the chronic pain pathway or caring for someone who has chronic pain. The team at Snedden Hall & Gallop supports Chronic Pain Australia in achieving their goals for National Pain Week and encourage you to check out their website and post about your experience with chronic pain using the hashtag #NPW2020.