Family Law

Our family law team is committed to helping you resolve your family law matter as swiftly and amicably as possible.

We provide considered advice about how the family law system works and present our clients with tailored options on how to resolve their disputes. We want to work with you to find the best solution for you and your situation.

Finding solutions

The vast majority of all family law matters are resolved without the need for litigation. We recognise that it’s in your interests to resolve your matter as soon as possible and we’re dedicated to helping you reach the solution that is right for you.

At each point we will give you the options as we see them and help you to choose the right one. We will listen to you. We will try to understand you and your desired outcomes. We will provide you with realistic advice about what you can expect and what outcome is obtainable.

We focus on resolving disputes through alternative dispute resolution methods, in particular through mediation and negotiation.

If your matter does need to progress to litigation, our lawyers are experienced advocates and we are ready to fight for you – but only after we’re sure that there is no better alternative.

We offer our clients a comprehensive legal service by providing not only specialist family law advice, but also access to advice in relation to superannuation; business law; personal injury; wills, estates and elder law; and criminal law – all within Snedden Hall & Gallop.

We can also provide you with referrals to trusted professionals and services, such as counsellors, women’s refuges, real estate agents, valuers, accountants and actuaries, and financial planners.


When a couple decide to separate, and children are involved, decisions about parenting need to be made. These decisions should focus on the rights and best interests of the children, including protecting them from harm and allowing them to have a meaningful relationship with each of their parents. Every family is different, and we can help you determine how best to deal with the parenting issues that affect your family.

We can provide you with advice and representation in relation to:

  • parental responsibility and decision-making
  • with whom children live and the time that the children spend with each parent
  • interstate or international relocations
  • parenting plans – an informal agreement relating to care arrangements for children
  • consent orders
  • adoption.

Property settlements

Following a separation, the assets and liabilities of parties to a relationship are divided in accordance with the provisions of the Family Law Act. We can provide you with advice about your rights, responsibilities and entitlements following separation, including in relation to:

  • spousal maintenance
  • the sale or transfer of real property
  • superannuation
  • businesses, partnerships and corporations
  • equitable interests including interests held in trusts
  • mortgages and other liabilities
  • shareholdings
  • bank accounts and other assets.

Consent orders

If you and your former partner have reached an agreement, we can provide you with advice about formalising that agreement to protect your future interests. We can draft consent orders on your behalf and represent you in undertaking negotiations with your former partner. We can also help you to navigate applying for consent orders and filing your documents with the Court.

Binding financial agreements (including pre-nuptial agreements)

Parties who are seeking certainty in their financial arrangements, or who otherwise wish to take steps to avoid unnecessary litigation at the conclusion of a relationship, can enter into a binding financial agreement (BFA). BFAs, which are also referred to as pre-nuptial agreements prior to marriage, can be entered into at the commencement of a de facto relationship, during a marriage or a de facto relationship and even following separation.

We can provide you with advice on whether a BFA would be appropriate for you, and draft an agreement on your behalf.

Child support

Separated parents have rights and responsibilities with respect to the paying or claiming of child support. We can provide you with advice in relation to the processes and procedures relating to child support assessments, binding child support agreements, and the payment of child support through the Commonwealth Department of Human Services.

Family Violence and Protection Orders

We can assist you with obtaining, or defending, a Family Violence Order (FVO) or Personal Protection Order (PPO). We can assist you to apply for both an urgent interim (temporary) order, as well as representing you at conferences and hearings in relation to final orders.

We understand that these matters are often time sensitive and distressing to the parties involved. We are able to provide you with timely advice and represent your interests in a way that protects your privacy and safety.


We can provide you with advice about the law relating to divorce and annulment, including in relation to the process of applying for a divorce and joint applications.

De facto relationships

People who have lived together for 2 years, may, under the Family Law Act, be in a de facto relationship. We can provide you with advice in relation to your rights and entitlements under the Family Law Act, including in relation to the division of assets and liabilities.

Same-sex relationships

We welcome clients who are seeking advice and representation following the breakdown of their marriage or de facto relationship.


We appreciate that when you are going through a difficult time, the last thing you need is uncertainty in relation to fees.

We offer competitive hourly rates and can undertake fixed-fee work upon request. We will consult with you throughout your matter, and provide you with regular estimates for our fees and disbursements.

We are committed to finding swift and cost-effective outcomes for you, in particular through alternative dispute resolution. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about our rates.

Meet your Family Law team

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Andrew and Gemma were professional and helpful at all stages of my family law matter. They were very responsive to any questions I had and ensured that I was always kept up to date. I would happily recommend their services, and that of Snedden Hall & Gallop as both the legal and administration teams took extra care to ensure that the outcome achieved was fair and equitable to both parties.

Anonymous (Family – Feb 2021)

17 February 2021

Right from the outset I felt at ease with Haydn and Jane from the SHG Family Law team. The time and level of attention paid helped me tremendously through what was a very difficult situation. Both Haydn and Jane had such a lovely and caring manner, but it was their level of communication that made the biggest difference.

Haydn’s advice was always thoughtful and targeted, and it was very clear that he was always focused on the best outcome for me. I would thoroughly recommend Haydn and his team at Snedden Hall & Gallop.

Anonymous (Family Law – Dec 2020)

8 December 2020

Andrew Ekert and Haydn Marsh recently assisted us with our family law matter, which was complex and had a history of litigation. I had been preparing to self-represent at an upcoming family dispute resolution conference and a possible trial. They took a proactive approach with preparation for and representation at our conference, going above and beyond to get across our matter quickly and to help find solutions within the constraints.

Although we had a lot to get through, their expertise and approach helped us reach a resolution and agreed orders, avoiding further conflict and cost. I found their approach professional and reassuring, and the outcome we reached to be very positive.

Anonymous 2020 (Family Law)

27 August 2020

Dear Haydn

Thank you very much for your assistance and counsel with my family violence order (FVO) matter, and in particular for your excellent representation and efforts during my court conference. I would also like to extend my gratitude to Suchara as well for her assistance throughout the process. Resolving this legal issue with the best possible outcome and as quickly as possible has given me some affirmation and closure after what had been a confusing situation to come back to. Thank you for treating my case with utmost seriousness and respect as well as providing supportive legal-professionalism.

Anonymous (Family Law)

19 February 2020

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