Winners of the 2018 SHG University Scholarship announced!

13 Nov 2018


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Congratulations to the winners of the 2018 Snedden Hall & Gallop University Scholarship for Law: Taylor Colvin (from Radford College) and Jason Woods (from Canberra College).

We were excited to welcome Taylor and Jason to the Snedden Hall & Gallop family at a function in front of their teachers and families, as well as many of our clients, legal colleagues and staff, and honoured to have Supreme Court associate judge, Verity McWilliam, present the awards to our winners.

Benefits for scholarship recipients

Our scholarship provides successful candidates with financial assistance for their first three years studying law in Canberra. Recipients also have the chance of work experience with us, which has often led to ongoing employment in our firm.

Selection process

The scholarship selection process involves two phases: a presentation and an interview. This year we had Year 12 students from nine schools across Canberra participate. Each of the students had been nominated by one of their teachers.

In the first phase, the students experienced a simulated court environment in the University of Canberra’s Moot Court. Here they presented to the judging panel on topics as far-ranging as ‘Who is at fault in a driverless car accident’, ‘Should Australia abolish states and territories?’ and ‘Should Australia legalise all performance enhancing drugs in sport?’.

In the second phase, participants attended our office to speak to the judging panel one on one.

Thank you to our 2018 judges:

  • Alison McLennan, Assistant Professor in Law, University of Canberra
  • Murray Rankin, Independent Director & Chair, Snedden Hall & Gallop
  • Dominic Cookman, Associate with Snedden Hall & Gallop.

Our partners

Thank you to the University of Canberra for its ongoing support. The students love being in the Moot Court and we love having a judge from the university!

We also thank the participants and their teachers and schools for working with us.

Scholarship history

To find out more about the story behind our scholarship, which has now been going for 20 years, go to our Community Involvement page.

2019 Scholarship

We will send out information packs for our 2019 program in August 2019 and encourage all schools to nominate a participant. To find out more about the scholarship and how to apply, please contact Kirsten Cameron on 02 6285 8070 or by email.