Richard Faulks is one of Canberra’s most successful litigators. He has practised law for over 35 years and has been managing director of Snedden Hall & Gallop since 1997. He joined the firm in 1981 and, in 1983, was admitted as a lawyer.

As a specialist in compensation law, Richard is passionate about standing up for individuals. His expertise covers industrial accidents, public liability, medical negligence, catastrophic motor accidents, workers compensation and Comcare matters. Over his career, Richard has led many of the region’s most complex compensation actions.

As coordinator of our Commonwealth superannuation team, Richard manages lawsuits on behalf of workers who were wrongly advised about their Commonwealth superannuation entitlements. Snedden Hall & Gallop was the first law firm to bring such a claim when Richard led a successful action in the High Court in 2007. You can read RiotAct’s recent interview on time constraints relating to these claims here.

Richard also leads the Government Law team. In this role he works with government departments, corporations and agencies to provide legal risk management and effective solutions.

For over a decade, Richard has chaired the ACT Law Society’s Civil Litigation Committee and been a member of the ACT Court Rules Advisory Committee. He was formerly the National President of the Australian Lawyers Alliance and continues as a member of the ACT branch committee. He was formerly a member of the ACT Workers Compensation Advisory Committee.

Richard grew up in Canberra and graduated from the Australian National University with a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws. He actively participates in his local athletics club and has run ten marathons. He supports many local charities, particularly St Vincent de Paul and those that assist people with a disability. Richard was previously a committee member of the ACT Paralympic Council.

Richard was awarded the inaugural ACT Law Society President’s Medal in 2014 and was listed as a Leading Plaintiff-focused ACT Work Injury Compensation Lawyer in the 2019 Doyles Guide.


Areas of Expertise

  • Superannuation litigation and mediation
  • Personal injury claims through negotiation or litigation
  • Resolving personal disputes and negotiation
  • Government advisory
  • Professional liability

Watch Richard talking with Gemma Butler about what they enjoy about working at Snedden Hall & Gallop.

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Wow Richard, I have no words but thank you thank you thank you!

You have been an amazing lawyer/person to work with and I couldn’t be more grateful for the work and outcome yourself and your team have been able to get for me.

Thank you again Richard it truly has been an absolute pleasure to have you as my lawyer.

Jessica (PI – December 2021)

24 January 2022

From our first meeting with you to change from another law firm to SHG, Richard and his team have treated our daughter with absolute respect and empathy.

You have been understanding of her severe medical issues when we couldn’t get information back as quickly as needed and when we did get information back to you, you and your team worked tirelessly to evaluate and update her file.

The outcome you achieved was beyond what we could have hoped for on the day.

Due to you and your team, our daughter can now get on with her life and recovery.

We as a family cannot thank you enough. As a father, I will be forever grateful.

Wally (PI – December 2021)

24 January 2022

Richard, with many kind thanks, it’s been lovely to work with you on this and I am delighted with the outcome – so many thanks to you and Wayne, certainly a pleasing result.

Jo (PI – November 2021)

17 November 2021

I would like to thank you Richard for all your efforts in reaching the settlement amount, we are very happy with the outcome. As you know I was very reserved about whether to pursue the claim but you and your team made it a very stress free process.

I would also like to thank Dominic for his time and professionalism. I have nothing but praise for your organisation, and have and will continue to recommend your services.

Anonymous (Superannuation – June 2021)

16 June 2021

Thank you Richard you have made everything so easy for me I’m very grateful for all your help.

Anonymous (PI – August 2021)

9 August 2021

I have worked in law firms all my working life, and when my brother had an accident and needed a personal injuries lawyer, I was referred to Richard Faulks. That was a great day.

Richard has been unwaveringly kind, empathetic, yet highly professional in his advice and suggestions. Richard took my brother step by step through an extraordinarily stressful time, counselled him as to his options,
and overall negotiated the way through the intricacies of the personal injuries system, to a conclusion and a settlement that today gives my brother hope for his future.

I would recommend Richard to anyone looking for legal advice in the area of compensation law. I will go so far as to putting his firm’s number in my phone, just so I can refer people to him.

Anonymous (PI – January 2021 #2)

29 January 2021

Thank you to Richard Faulks for all your efforts, wisdom and advice during the last 3 ½ years. I have been very fortunate to have you in my corner.
From day one, you supported me through the daunting process with diligence and commitment and provided me with reassurance each step of the way right to the very end.
I highly recommend Richard Faulks of Snedden Hall and Gallop.

Leah O’Sullivan (September 2020)

23 September 2020

The outcomes are more than we hoped for. Richard’s professionalism and compassion in dealing with the claims are something we are grateful for and always will be. Our future is so much brighter as a result of your hard work.

Anonymous (PI – September 2020)

4 September 2020

My family engaged the services of Richard Faulks and the team at Snedden Hall & Gallop to assist with a personal injury case involving my mother. She sustained a severe brain injury that has left her with ongoing problems. Richard and the team at SHG were extremely professional from the outset. Richard set clear expectations, was a timely communicator, and helped us navigate the case given our lack of legal knowledge.

Richard went above and beyond in his consideration for my mother’s condition and her wishes, going as far as moving the mediation to a more suitable location to accommodate her needs. Richard’s knowledge, support and guidance helped us through what was otherwise a very unpleasant chapter in our lives. I would highly recommend SHG to anyone in a similar situation.

Owen R (Personal Injury)

27 August 2020

Hi Richard
Thank you so much for all your work with my claim. Your patience and understanding was amazing in such a vulnerable time in my life.
I will not hesitate in recommending you to others in the future.

Anonymous (Personal injury)

23 August 2019

Medical negligence is a challenging reality in society and even more complex legally. I hope we are not becoming like the US, but sometimes there comes a point when action is completely necessary. I was that person. I suffered due to medical negligence and it was due to Richard’s calm, intelligent and thoughtful work that I achieved a wonderful outcome. Richard understood my position and made sure that I was comfortable and informed every step of the way.  I could not be more impressed.


Peter (Medical negligence)

5 March 2019

Richard, this is a formal thank-you for all the good work you have done on my claim over the past 2 plus years.

A number of people said that I should engage you and no-one else for this matter – good advice, it turns out.

I regard the outcome in all the circumstances as fair and reasonable.

Your experience and judgment were instrumental in achieving this, all with as little fuss as possible.

Gordon B (Personal Injury)

1 April 2018

Richard, I would like to say thank you for looking after my and our family cases. You have been amazing and you always had time to answer all out questions. Both of the accidents affected us a lot, especially that the girls were involved in them, but you have made the whole process so easy.

Thank you so much. I hope I won’t need to use you again (I’m sure you understand why) but if any of my friends need legal advice for accidents or workers compensation I will absolutely recommend you.

Once again we are very grateful for all your work over 3.5 years.

Zenka (Personal Injury)

3 September 2018

Richard, I am so grateful for all that you have done for me and my family.

You came highly recommended as a great personal injury lawyer and I would continue to recommend you in a heartbeat.

The settlement funds came through and I have paid off all outstanding accounts and that in itself is such a wonderful feeling.

I continue to make progress and have certainly come a long way. My current ‘feel good’ is pottering in my garden, I am working with succulents and find doing so incredibly relaxing.

Again thank you, you are a true gentleman.

Mel (Personal Injury)

22 June 2017

I would like to thank Richard Faulks and the team at Snedden Hall and Gallop for their assistance during my son’s case.

I was always kept informed throughout the process and was very impressed with the professionalism showed to the both of us and the final outcome.

SH (Personal Injury)

6 June 2017

I was in a motor vehicle crash in September 2014, where I sustained a serious injury.  A family member recommended Snedden Hall and Gallop.  From the very first appointment, my experience in dealing with SHG vastly exceeded my expectations.

My personal injury claim was a complex, two-year-long matter.  At every stage, Richard Faulks and his team at SHG explained each matter and provided excellent advice with easy-to-understand language.  Richard was very prompt and thorough in his communication, and was on time, organised and attentive at every meeting.  Richard was highly adept at managing communications between the numerous insurance agencies and other interested parties, and always acted with the utmost integrity.

At the conclusion of my case, Richard Faulks negotiated a settlement which far outweighed any expected outcome I had imagined.

As someone who is familiar with the legal profession, I have no hesitation in saying that SHG Lawyers are outstanding in their field.  Richard Faulks is a highly competent, professional, effective and personable lawyer who fought extremely hard for my success, and ought to be congratulated on his efforts and integrity.  I would recommend SHG Lawyers to anyone who might need them.

Anon (Personal Injury 1)

19 January 2017

The team at SHG led by Richard Faulks ensured I received a fair outcome by listening to my issues, concerns and by providing realistic advice enabling me to give clear instructions.

Anon (Personal Injury 5)

21 April 2016

Richard, I would like to thank you once again for all your help and assistance since I the accident as well as achieving a good outcome. I will be recommending your services in the future.

Anon (Personal Injury 4)

1 June 2016

When my employer caused my psychological injury, and Comcare rejected my claims, it was Richard who took them to task before the AAT and won both cases.

Richard has a well-deserved reputation and level of credibility, that I’m sure helped give my case the proper consideration it deserved.  Words will never be enough for what Richard and his team did for me, making a real difference to my life.

Glen S (Personal Injury)

25 April 2015

Hi Richard, I have greatly appreciated your representing me in this matter and would like to thank you particularly for making it relatively straightforward and easy from my perspective.  Clearly your experience and professionalism were key to a very tidy closure, thank you.

Anon 7 (Personal Injury)

4 December 2018

Dear Richard, Many thanks to you (and Caitlin) for guiding this to what I regard as a very satisfactory conclusion. I certainly could not have done it without you. Thanks, too, for your understanding over the last few days. None of this will be forgotten.

JM (Personal injury)

27 March 2019

Dear Richard, Thank you for your assistance in this claim. Your help along with SHG and its staff, has been professional, timely and helpful with anything I have asked about over the years this claim has been going. A special thank you also to Dominic Cookman, more recently, for his input, understanding and professionalism.

DN (Commonwealth Superannuation)

1 May 2020