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Amber joined the team at Snedden Hall & Gallop in 2018 and was appointed as a Director in July 2021. She has over twelve years of experience in dispute resolution and litigation, including overseas and interstate. Part of that experience includes launching and managing two regional branches of a national personal injuries firm.

Amber understands that being injured or being involved in litigation affects not only her client’s body and mind, but also their employment, family and lifestyle. Amber is a strong advocate who enjoys working with her clients to achieve successful settlement outcomes, and making a genuine difference in their lives.

Amber’s experience includes advising in relation to workers’ compensation, public liability, motor vehicle and cycling accidents, medical negligence, Comcare and military compensation claims. You can read a recent RiotAct article about Amber’s work here.

Amber has represented clients with catastrophic injuries, complex brain and psychological injuries, and following fatalities.

Given the breadth of her experience, Amber is able to analyse matters critically, and has assisted clients whose claims have been considered ‘too hard’ or have been knocked back by other firms. Amber explains difficult legal concepts to her clients in simple terms, whilst advancing matters in a focused and efficient matter.

Amber is President of Australian Lawyers Alliance (ACT Branch). She is also a member of the ACT Law Society and sits on their Compulsory Third Party Reform Advisory Committee. Amber also provides assistance to several charities and community groups, including those involved in supporting military personnel and veterans, and people with a disability. She was recently on the Board of ACT Athletics.

Areas of Expertise

  • Personal injury claims (motor vehicles and cycling accidents; workplace injuries; public liability)
  • Medical negligence
  • Common law and statutory claims
  • Military and Commonwealth compensation claims
  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • Litigation

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I was referred to Amber Wang through another of the SHG team and was impressed right from the start. I felt Amber understood my situation and always provided very professional advice throughout the process.   Amber was always welcoming of my enquiries and thorough in her responses.  Despite the tricky circumstance of my situation, Amber guided me to a successful result.  I would highly recommend the services of Amber and SHG.

RO (PI – June 2022)

9 June 2022

You have been a fantastic help every step of the way as coming into this I had no idea about anything. You laid out and deeply explained all the options and their pros/cons whenever something came up which was incredibly helpful. I also strongly believe that you had my best interests in mind which made the process even easier. I would definitely recommend Snedden Hall & Gallop and more specifically yourself to anyone who needs similar help in the future!

RM (PI – March 2022)

17 March 2022

All the support and information communicated by both you and your staff was very clear, helpful and professional.  I appreciated the time you took to explain the law and I would strongly recommend you to anyone in need of a litigation lawyer.

MF (PI – February 2022)

22 February 2022

I recently had a Third Party claim finalised by Snedden Hall & Gallop. Amber Wang and her team were excellent.

Amber is completely professional but you are never just a number. She makes you feel like you are her most important client. From beginning to end you know exactly what is going to happen and when. She leaves no stone unturned and her legal knowledge is definitely to your benefit. When you are trying to heal both physically and mentally having a solicitor who is prepared to include family members as your advocates is so important.

Without hesitation I would recommend Amber Wang if you ever find yourself in this situation.

DP (PI – February 2022)

15 February 2022

Again, thank you for your help through my claim. I’ve been able to get back on track mentally and physically and I could not have done that without you.

AK (PI – December 2021)

7 December 2021

I am so appreciative of the help that Amber has provided in resolving my motor vehicle accident injury claim.  Not only has she achieved an excellent result to allow me to move on from such a difficult period, but she has shown kindness, compassion and communicated clearly throughout, making this process as easy as possible for me.  Thank you again for your wonderful work!

Anonymous – (PI – November 2021#2)

22 November 2021

I am so greatful to Amber and her team for the work they did and result they achieved for our family in a personal injury claim against the ACT Territory.
Amber was always professional and ambitious to achieve good compensation for us but she also showed kindness, compassion, flexibility and guidance during a very challenging time for our family.

Bernadette (PI – July 2021)

29 July 2021

Since my initial appointment with Amber, she took the time to explain the process and during the matter, she was always open, transparent and available.
She help me navigate an otherwise very stressful situation, Amber kept me up to date and made me feel that I had truly someone advocating for me.
Unfortunately, the previous lawyer from a different firm I always needed to chase him to get any update kept changing the way my case was progressing and realised after I dismissed him that information and documentation relevant to my case was not completed or filed.
I feel that Amber and her team sought the best possible compensation on my behalf.

AC (PI – July 2021 #2)

5 July 2021

Almost $300K all-in for what the initial medical evidence suggested was a small whiplash injury is an incredible result.

John (PI – July 2021 #1)

5 July 2021

Dear Amber, I wanted to say thank you for all your help and support over the last 2 years since my accident. I have so appreciated your kindness, your clarity in communicating about complex matters, and your patience and consideration with my stress and anxiety. Thank you so much for helping us through a difficult process.

I also appreciate the skill and confidence you displayed during the 2 informal conferences and the advice you provided. I am grateful that you secured funds that will support treatment and domestic help in the future.

Anonymous (PI – April 2021)

16 April 2021

Amber Wang and the team at SHG have provided exceptional services to me after a life-altering motor vehicle accident. She ensured that I was assessed correctly by all medical professionals, was timely with advice, and worked diligently to get me a better outcome than expected. At a difficult time as it is, it was comforting to have a great lawyer who put my needs and well-being first to ensure I had nothing to worry about besides recovering. I would recommend Amber Wang and SHG for any compensation case without hesitation.

Anonymous – PI (Jan 2021 no.1)

11 January 2021

I have highly valued Amber’s outstanding professionalism, support and interpersonal skills. She gave me confidence throughout the process ,was patient and understanding and a great advocate.

Nicole (PI – December 2020)

18 December 2020

Thank you Amber for your assistance with the matters for both my daughters. You were extremely professional, efficient, kept me updated along the way and responded quickly to my calls and emails.

It was great to have you on our side, clearly explaining each step along the way and making the legal process less daunting.

I would thoroughly recommend you to family and friends and would definitely use your services again in the future if required.

Irena (PI – December 2020)

18 December 2020

In light of recent settlement of my father’s claim, I just wanted to say thank you for your assistance.

Amber, you made the process extremely simple and easy, and Dad definitely can’t speak highly enough about your legal expertise and guidance.


Anonymous (PI – October 2021)

Anonymous (PI – October 2021)

13 October 2021

I would like to thank you and your firm for helping us to reach a settlement.
While the impact of the event will be part of our lives, this has given some comfort to move on with our lives.
Your efforts are very much appreciated.

Anonymous (PI – December #2 2020)

11 December 2020

I can’t thank you enough Amber for everything you’ve done to assist me and my family with this process which was utterly incomprehensible for me to have endured on my own.

Alicia (PI – December 2020)

7 December 2020

Working with Amber on my matter was a positive experience right from the start. Her level of communication was fantastic. She was constantly in contact and keeping me up to date, and did a great job of explaining all the nuances of my case. Amber’s detail oriented approach made me feel like I was in safe hands, whilst always being available for questions.

The final outcome was a positive, and this was particularly reflective of the hard work done by Amber.

Aaron (PI – December 2020)

4 December 2020

My experience dealing with Amber was a very positive one throughout the whole matter. She was always available for consultation, and whenever I had a question or query, responded in such an efficient manner. Her thoroughness meant that she never required any chasing up from me.

This was my first experience of dealing with the legal system, and as such was quite wary of not really knowing what to expect. Amber made me feel comfortable the whole time and ensured that she took me through every detail needed. I thoroughly recommend working with Amber Wang.

Anonymous (PI – December 2020)

2 December 2020

I had an extremely professional experience working with Amber, as she was kind, empathetic and very persistent in achieving justice for me. She was extremely punctual and informative when responding to my correspondence and walked with me through my case step by step. I felt this process was a lot easier than I expected it to be because I had a lawyer like Amber. I am very thankful for her hard work and could not recommend her more.

Anonymous (PI – October 2020 no.4)

29 October 2020

I engaged Amber Wang on a personal compensation matter. Following my initial inquiry she rang me promptly, and throughout the protracted process kept me fully informed of progress, kept me fully appraised of my both my responsibilities and the firm’s obligations, and sought my direction on preferred courses of action. I would happily engage Amber on any similar case in the future.

Anonymous (PI – October 2020 no.3)

26 October 2020

Amber really impressed me with her competence, efficiency and professionalism from the start. She consistently provided sound, succinct advice and timely information, and her empathy, and outstanding representation, made me feel supported during all stages of negotiations. She also delivered an exceptional outcome. If family or friends require the assistance of a Personal Injury lawyer I will recommend they engage Amber.

Anonymous (PI – October no.2)

23 October 2020

From the first phone call with Amber, it was clear that she knew what she was talking about. She knew exactly what questions to ask, and I immediately felt that she understood my situation and was on my side. Making a legal claim is a long, and sometimes difficult, process and Amber kept me informed throughout and was always available to answer my questions and to give me reassurance when I needed it. I am very pleased with the result we were able to get, but more than that I am so happy with the service and support Amber provided along the way.

Anonymous (PI – October 2020)

19 October 2020

My experience with Amber was a very positive one. I found Amber always responded promptly and with a wonderful level of care. The intelligence she portrayed, while also making me feel heard, was refreshing. Amber played an excellent role as the conduit of information whenever needed, and was an overall wonderful person to work with.

Anonymous (PI Sep 2020 #2)

18 September 2020

Every stage, from the beginning until the end, Amber and the firm made our interaction a very positive experience.
The fee structure and flexibility, as well as the willingness to listen and work with me, was a refreshing approach compared to what I have witnessed with other firms.
I always received timely responses, that were communicated clearly and came from a place of understanding. Finally, the ability for Amber to answer any of my questions and concerns always made me feel at ease.

Anonymous (PI – Sep 2020)

15 September 2020

Thank you again Amber Wang for your thoroughness, diligence and persistence in settling my claim.  I very much appreciate the professional and calm manner in which you dealt with this matter.

Anonymous (PI)

2 September 2020

I would like to extend my thanks and appreciation for the way Amber Wang guided and supported me throughout my recent claim. It was a very intense and emotional time for me but it was made bearable due to Amber’s patience, kindness and willingness to support and advise me throughout the process.

I was very impressed by Amber’s prompt and thorough responses to my voice messages and emails. At no time did any matter lag and if we had a deadline Amber would go above and beyond by responding to emails in the evening or on weekends. Her responses to the other party were always clear and comprehensive, and demonstrated her very sound understanding of my evidence and issues.

Sally (Personal Injury)

21 May 2019