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13 Jul 2015


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We recently settled a case for our client who sustained serious injuries in a trip and fall at an airport. Temporary matting had been taped to the floor in the airport to cover some recent floor tiling renovation work. However, the edges of the matting had become unstuck and lifted at the edges due to the constant pedestrian traffic. Accordingly, there was a clear risk that someone like our client would eventually trip up on the edge of the mat and hurt themselves.

The case was complicated because the various trade contractors involved in the renovation work all sought to blame each other but no one party would accept responsibility.  Ultimately, despite the denials of liability, we were able to settle the matter once we managed to persuade the involved parties to agree to attend an informal settlement conference. Happily, our client received proper compensation for her injuries and the subsequent detrimental effect on her work capacity.

Here are some kind words she wrote to us after the settlement:

“But for your diligence and guidance through the settlement conference, this case may have ended differently.  Most people don’t understand the impact such events have on all aspects of one’s life.  I will certainly be recommending you as gold standard for legal compensation work.”

– (Ms J at Sutton)

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