Personal injury for bike rider from sleeping driver

07 May 2018


  • Compensation
  • Cycling Accident
  • Personal Injury

GB was cycling with a friend on the shoulder of an ACT road. Unbeknownst to GB, in a car that was approaching from behind, a driver had fallen asleep. The sleeping driver’s vehicle veered onto the shoulder of the road, colliding with both bike riders. Being a bike rider certainly places you in a vulnerable position. GB had nowhere to go!

As a result of the collision, GB suffered significant injuries and had to undergo extensive treatment. We were able to assist GB in making a claim for compensation for his injuries and other losses, including the cost of treatment.

Thankfully, GB has made a reasonable recovery due to a strong commitment to rehabilitation and ongoing treatment.  Richard Faulks and the Personal Injury team were pleased to be able to support GB to achieve a successful outcome.  Please contact us regarding a bike riding accident involving a motor vehicle as soon as you can on (02) 6285 8000 or by email.