Nick Tebbey – 2000 scholarship winner

19 Jun 2019


  • University Scholarship

The Snedden Hall & Gallop University Scholarship turns 21 this year! Since we first awarded the scholarships in 1999, we’ve helped almost 40 aspiring lawyers by providing financial assistance during the first three years of their university studies. Many scholarship winners have also been able to join our team, even if only for a short time.

To commemorate this significant birthday, we’re going through the archives to give you an update on where some of those young stars are now.

In this profile we see what Nick Tebbey has been doing since he won the scholarship in 2000.

Nick Tebbey

Where is he now?

Nick is the National Executive Officer, Relationships Australia, and is based in Canberra. Relationships Australia is a not-for-profit community organisation dedicated to supporting all Australians to achieve positive and respectful relationships.

How did he get there?

Nick was a student at Lake Tuggeranong College when he won the scholarship in 2000.

He began working with us as a paralegal in his second year of his studies at the University of Canberra. We we were delighted to have Nick as part of the Snedden Hall & Gallop family until 2016, by which stage he was a senior associate. Nick continued his involvement with the scholarship program by acting as a judge during the Moot Court presentations. In 2009 Nick was named ACT Young Lawyer of the Year.

Nick joined the Settlement Council of Australia in 2016, initially as a senior policy officer and later becoming the organisation’s Chief Executive Officer. In February 2019 Nick took on his current role with Relationships Australia.

What does Nick say about the scholarship?

Nick said that counts the scholarship as one of the most important milestones in his career to date.

‘While providing some much-needed financial support, the true value of the scholarship was embodied by the warm welcome Snedden Hall & Gallop provided me, as a mere second year university student, to start working in the firm and in doing so, to gain not just valuable legal experience, but a wealth of opportunities and friendships, both professional and personal, that I continue to enjoy to this day. For this reason, I’m incredibly grateful to Snedden Hall & Gallop for its commitment to this important program.

Want to know more?

To find out more about our scholarship program, please visit our website or contact Kirsten Cameron on 02 6285 8070 or by email.

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