Is it party time yet?

Kirsten Cameron

26 Nov 2020


  • Event

COVID-19 has impacted our day to day life more than we could ever have imagined. From grocery shopping to not being able to stand and drink and second guessing whether it’s appropriate to hug our loved ones, there have been a number of added challenges in our daily lives in 2020. After finally getting to host our first networking event for 2020, and with the silly season now upon us, we thought it apt to share with you 10 ways COVID has shaped events in 2020.

1. QR Codes

Who in their right mind actually thought these clever little squares would come to be so useful? We all saw them on bus stop advertising pre-2020, however the level at which we are utilizing them currently wasn’t predictable.

2. Zoom, Zoom

This no longer applies to a Mazda car advertisement.  Pre-2020 a huge number of us had not even heard of this now booming technology company, let alone that it would become a household name.

3. Numbers

Restrictions have meant we have to be more mindful about the people we invite to these events. In case you forget, there are also signs telling you how many people fit into a venue.

4. Different entry and exit points

Never before has it been so important to use the correct door, or even make sure you “enter to the left”.

5. Human distancing

Little crosses on the ground and COVID-safe warning signs remind you to social distance as we line up to enter venues or waiting for our morning coffee. Goodness knows, we are definitely embracing our new found personal space.

6. Time limits

Waiters or staff hovering over you when you finish your meal even though you have another hour on your booking. This has now made a run-sheet and timings of our events even more important.

7. Details (of the personal nature)

Being more willing to provide your details when you sign in so you can be traced if something happens (after all, it is now mandatory).

8. Sitting down while drinking

While we are now allowed to stand while drinking outside, indoor events and venues still have restrictions in place. No more dancing while enjoy a drink or two on a Friday afternoon.

9. Hello & Goodbye

Our usual greetings of a handshake or a hug had been replaced with an elbow tap. We are yet to meet anyone who “loves an elbow tap” quite like a high five.

 10. The awkward sneeze or cough

Long gone are the days when you wouldn’t think twice about a harmless sneeze or cough in public…

Whilst these have been genuine challenges, the team at SHG have used this as an opportunity to display our innovation, and redefine what an event looks like. We all hope that the above “new norms” start to play a smaller role in our lives from 2021 onwards. But until then, we will definitely be doing our best to cram as many cool (and COVID safe) events into a jam-packed festive season.