Intellectual Property

Your intellectual property (IP) rights protect important assets in your business including your identity and your ideas.

You need IP advice that is both practical and up-to-date. We ensure that clients are aware of their rights and responsibilities. Our lawyers are well-versed in current technological developments and the legal impact those developments haveĀ on clients’ intellectual property rights.

We can assist with practical and effective advice concerning your intellectual property rights, including:

  • Copyright
  • Trade marks
  • Business reputation
  • Plant breeders’ rights
  • Moral rights
  • Confidential information (including in employment contexts)

Protection of IP

We understand that your intellectual property may be your business’ most valuable asset. Whether you need assistance with registering a trade mark, drafting a non-disclosure agreement or preparing a contract which protects your copyright, we have the experience and up-to-date knowledge to ensure that your intellectual property is protected, particularly in light of an ever-changing digital world.

Infringement of IP

If you suspect that someone has copied your works without your permission, or is trying to cash in on your business identity, they may be in breach of one or more pieces of legislation, or your common law rights. You may therefore be entitled to a range of remedies including an injunction, an account of profits and/or damages.

We often assist clients who need to take swift action to ensure infringement does not continue and is appropriately compensated.

Licence of IP

Your intellectual property can be one of your most important assets. You may have the opportunity to licence or even assign it to someone else. If you do so, you need to protect the integrity of your intellectual property, and ensure you are appropriately remunerated.

Snedden Hall & Gallop can assist with the preparation of an appropriate licence or transfer of intellectual property that adequately protects your rights.


Privacy laws have recently changed to place higher burdens on businesses to collect, use and disclose personal and sensitive information in a transparent and appropriate way. We can help your business comply with its privacy obligations and draft Privacy Policies and Collection Notices that are tailored to your business.

Terms & conditions

We can help you draft terms and conditions that are easy to read and tailored to your business and reduce risks in your working relationships. No matter how simple or complicated, we are passionate about drafting beautiful contracts.

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