Dispute Resolution

Have you found yourself in a dispute with an organisation or an individual and you need legal support?

Going to court is an experience most people wish to avoid. For this reason, we guide you through any dispute resolution so that you understand the process, the stages, your rights, responsibilities and risks. Our lawyers focus on resolving your dispute whilst providing compassionate guidance, timely responses, clear communication and cost-effective options.

We can assist you regardless of whether your matter requires alternative dispute resolution, mediation or arbitration, debt recovery or litigation in the courts.

Time is often a critical factor – our lawyers can promptly review your documents and offer practical, context-relevant options.


Sometimes debts can arise, and if disputes about such debts are not resolved the other party may threaten action through the court.

Are you at risk of being made bankrupt? Do you understand your rights and obligations?

Understanding your options is important as bankruptcy may not be a foregone conclusion. Acting in a timely manner is also critical. We will listen to you carefully, ensure you understand the alternatives and can make an informed choice, about how to deal with any threat of bankruptcy and hopefully deal with the debt. The key is to contact us as soon as you become aware of an allegation of a debt and action being taken against you.

Building & construction

Are you a homeowner in a dispute with your builder?

Disagreements during a building project are not uncommon. As the owner of a project, particularly if it is your family home, you want to achieve the best outcome, and have a say in how you want the project to run. A contractual dispute may occur when the terms of the building contract are not clearly understood or delays occur.

If you have a conflict with your builder, we encourage you to speak to us early. We can help you reduce the likelihood of expensive litigation which can be time-consuming and costly. We can help you understand what the building contract means and guide you in alternative ways to resolve the dispute. Our goal will be to move your project towards completion, reduce delays and stress, open up communication and minimise associated legal costs to you.  Avoiding court and using alternative methods of dispute resolution are common in the Canberra building and construction market.

Of course, should the conflict not be resolved, we can facilitate the preparation of expert reports, prepare your case for litigation, and assist you to get the best result from that litigation.

Debt recovery

Do you need assistance in trying to recover a significant debt? In every debt recovery matter, we can take steps to assist you such as sending a letter of demand, commencing court proceedings, obtaining a judgment in your favour and then enforcing that judgment. We can also assist you in understanding the risks and costs associated with such action.

Are you thinking about pursuing a small claim – one of less than $25,000? We have provided a handy guide for you to manage your matter through ACAT.  Here is a handy guide.

Deceased estate dispute

Disputes and litigation over the estate of a deceased loved one can be complex. If you feel that, as a family member, you may be entitled to make a claim on an estate, you can find out more on our Wills, Estates & Elder Law page.


Your reputation is precious. Is it being damaged by online defamation or other publication of negative material?

If someone has intentionally posted statements or pictures online, and spread such information by another means and it could harm your reputation, you may be able to take action against them for defamation.  Depending on the circumstances, we may be able to seek compensation for you and more importantly get the offending material removed and a public apology provided.


Are you involved in a dispute in your workplace?

We know how stressful, and sometimes even intimidating, it can be to have a dispute occur in your workplace. But if you’re dealing with an employment dispute it’s important to seek independent advice. We will take into account your individual employment circumstances, such as whether you are covered by a modern award, an enterprise agreement or an employment contract. In some circumstances, we will advise you in actions that you can take to improve your situation. In other instances, we can guide negotiations or representation to seek a fair and reasonable outcome.

We can assist you with:

  • contractual disputes
  • discrimination, bullying  or harassment
  • unfair dismissal or wrongful termination including advice and representation
  • redundancy entitlements
  • litigation and alternative dispute resolution.


Do you require representation in a property dispute?

A property dispute can occur:

  • over a boundary
  • between a landlord and a tenant
  • because of claims of nuisance claims
  • concerning a right of way
  • because of ownership.

Property might include real property, such as land or a house, but also assets that are owned individually, with another person or by a family trust or family company.

We can assist you in establishing your records and in understanding the factors that are relevant to the dispute. We’re aware that disputes can be stressful, time consuming and expensive. We will help you successfully resolve your dispute by understanding your goals and taking into account the unique circumstances of your situation.

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I have not had the best experiences with solicitors. I must say though that I’m impressed with the service that Caitlin Meers and Allistar Twigg have provided. In this defamation case, you’ve been knowledgeable, prompt, and efficient; and I’d be happy to recommend your firm.

Martin Leonard (Defamation)

10 May 2018

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