Criminal charges require timely responses and effective communication.

We will keep you fully informed of the court process and ensure you understand the possible outcomes.

We are here to help you, understand your situation and fight for your rights.

Technology-facilitated offences

Offences that were previously only possible in a face-to-face scenario (for example, theft or fraud) can now be committed by the use of technology, including social media, online forums and financial payment systems.

We can assist you in defending technology assisted charges in the ACT Magistrates and Supreme Court. These charges are often very serious and it is critical that you seek legal advice as soon as you become aware of your charge.

Drug charges

The laws relating to drug offences are lengthy and complicated. There are a number of types of charges in this area of law, including possession, supply, importation, trafficking and manufacturing. The court can award a range of punishments, from non-conviction orders all the way through to lengthy terms of imprisonment.

We can assist in defending your charge, including considering possible defences and outcomes. In addition, we have a network of experienced and professional barristers to call upon to assist you in your matter as required.

These charges are often very serious and it is critical that you seek legal advice as soon as you become aware of your charge.

Sexual offences

Sexual offences are some of the most serious offences that come before the court. These types of offences are complicated and can involve an interaction between other related assault or technology offences.

We can assist you in defending your charges, including to utilise our trusted network of highly skilled barristers.

If you become aware that you are investigation or charged with a sexual offence, it is very important that you obtain legal advice as soon as possible.

Assault charges

The legislation in the ACT and NSW provides for a broad range of ‘offences against the person’, including affray, common assault, assault occasioning actual bodily harm and many others.

We can assist you defending or accepting your charge, including considering available defences and important sentencing principles.

Many of these offences can carry a sentence of imprisonment and clear legal advice is critical to the outcome in the matter.

Family Violence & Personal Protection orders

We can assist you with obtaining, or defending, a Family Violence Order (FVO) or Personal Protection Order (PPO) as well as representing you in relation to breaches of FVOs and PPOs. We can assist in obtaining both interim (temporary) orders and with a formal application including receiving a final determination from the Court.

These matters are often time sensitive and distressing to the parties involved. We are able to deal with them in a timely manner and in a way that protects your privacy and safety.

Traffic offences

Traffic offences, for example drink or drug driving, are very common in the ACT and NSW courts. For many people, retaining their drivers licence is critical, whether it is for work or personal reasons. We are able to guide you through the legal process, including advising you about the options available to you.

Quality legal representation is key to having the best possible opportunity to retain your driver’s licence.

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Gene exemplified faultless advocacy from the outset of our first point of contact. His promptness and efficiency in answering my queries and providing directives for what was unfamiliar territory for me, served as a great comfort.

Gene acted on my behalf with sincerity, poise, and genuine care, producing the best possible outcome for me.

Gene alleviated a tremendous amount of worry through not only securing our primary objective, but also his consistency from start to finish, making for a comforting experience out of what was initially an extremely daunting prospect for me.

Gene exuded emotional intelligence in navigating the most effective path and direction throughout an uncertain time in my life.

Gene’s care of my matter throughout the entirety of my case was impressive and admirable and I could not recommend him highly enough.

Anonymous (Criminal – March 2021)

15 March 2021

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