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Gerald Santucci

16 Feb 2018


  • Migration

The upcoming annual Multicultural Festival, on 16-18 February 2018, lures into the centre of Canberra crowds of thousands in search of an assortment of food, entertainment and colour. We thought it was a great time to reflect on just a few migration success stories from our extensive portfolio of achievements within the past 12 months.

The migration team at Snedden Hall & Gallop Lawyers have assisted people from diverse backgrounds with exciting skills and personalities to enrich our city.


In 2016 we had a young chef from Nepal come and see us about his interest in pursuing his career in Australia. He had just completed his certificate in Commercial Cookery and was eager to stay on in Australia. We considered a number of options and determined that pursuing a temporary visa at that time would be most suitable. We were successful in obtaining a Temporary Work (Skilled) visa where he is allowed to work as a chef. As a result, he now adds to the rich cuisine offered in Canberra!

South Africa

A young couple came to us in pursuit of a partner visa. They were from different countries, one from Australia the other South Africa. They met on a chance encounter on a night out in Hong Kong. From that night they had been in constant contact and gone travelling to Africa. A truly global couple that have now decided to make Canberra their home. We were so proud to assist them with their Partner Visa application and are happy to have played a small role in their relationship journey.

Netherlands…via the Internet

A couple came to us for assistance in relation to a Prospective Marriage Visa. They had met via an online gaming website and subsequently fell in love. They had shown immense support for each other especially through the sponsoring partner’s weight loss journey. Thankfully, we were able to arrange a visa just in time for their wedding this March. We really love hearing the unique love stories of the couples that come to us for assistance. Maybe one day you’ll see a change to the firm name: “Snedden Hall Gallop and Cupid”!


We assisted a client from Tonga who had a young son from a relationship with an Australian. She no longer had contact with the father, and was facing deportation from Australia after overstaying a visa. We were successful in obtaining a series of bridging visas which allowed her to bring family law proceedings to establish her son’s entitlement to Australian citizenship.


A person working in Tasmania from America came to us in pursuit of a Skilled Visa, an issue that became apparent was the age requirement. The general criteria for an applicant for a skilled visa is to have not turned 50. In this circumstance, the applicant was in his 60s and so we had to overcome this barrier. We managed to successfully overcome this criteria by establishing that he was eligible for an exemption (drawing from his unique skillset and his high income).

At Snedden Hall and Gallop we are proud to be able to assist with adding to Australia’s rich multicultural and diverse society.

Have a great Multicultural Festival 2018!

How can Snedden Hall & Gallop’s migration team help you?

Our lawyers are registered migration agents and are members of the Migration Institute of Australia. If you need advice and support to advance your migration application in Australia we encourage you to phone on (02) 6285 8000 or email. You can see details of our migration team.

The migration team thanks Paralegal Suchara Fernando for her contribution to this blog.