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In 1999, Snedden Hall & Gallop became the chosen Canberra member of Meritas, a global alliance of business law firms that deliver localised legal services of the highest quality. Snedden Hall & Gallop's Meritas membership provides a gateway to 7,609 lawyers and 182 full-service law firms serving 242 markets*. Meritas facilitates Snedden Hall & Gallop to advise local, national, and international organisations and associations on their activities throughout Australia and the world.

History of Meritas

In 1990, an American lawyer became frustrated with the lack of quality control in hiring business law firms outside his jurisdiction. He set about developing his own system for selecting and evaluating firm performance. He then began inviting like-minded firms nationally, internationally and then worldwide to join a non-profit organisation for their mutual benefit. Today, that organisation is Meritas and includes member firms in located in more than 80 countries. Meritas membership is extended by invitation only. 

Quality assurance

Meritas is the only law firm alliance with an established means of monitoring and enhancing the quality of its member firms. Meritas firms are held to the highest quality and versatility in legal service. Regular recertification by all firms is a requirement of membership. This ensures alliance firms continually provide superior legal service.

Cost effectiveness

As part of the alliance, Meritas firms provide exceptional legal services linked to a cost-effectiveness that larger law firms simply cannot match. Our members invest in improving services and resources rather than opening costly overseas offices.

A business approach to business law

Meritas firms are chosen not only for their high level of legal expertise, but also because of their business acumen. Before a membership invitation is extended, Meritas verifies that the firm offers the full complement of litigation and corporate services necessary to handle business matters in any industry.


We are proud to share this respected title with colleagues across the region:

For further information on Meritas, please visit the Meritas website or contact Snedden Hall & Gallop's Meritas liaison Dennis Martin.

*Details current at 20 April 2018

Through Meritas, Snedden Hall & Gallop is your gateway to lawyers in other parts of Australia and around the world.