We understand that clients need transparency and clarity surrounding their legal costs

Wherever possible, we give our clients upfront quotes and detailed scopes of work. Nobody wants surprises with their legal bills. That’s why we endeavour to let you know how much a service will cost before we provide it. If the scope of work changes, then we’ll discuss those changes with you so that we can reach a new agreement.

Where a specific matter doesn’t lend itself to a fixed quote, we need to use the traditional hourly billing method. If you choose this method, we’ll provide you with detailed and up-to-date estimates of our fees throughout your matter. This way you won’t be left in the dark about how much your matter will cost.

If you’d like more information about how your matter will be costed, we’re happy to explain how the process works. You’ll have plenty of time to consider the agreement and decide if you’d like to proceed. You’re always in a position to negotiate the best price for the job and the most convenient way of arranging payment.

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