6 reasons why you need a local law firm with international connections – Meritas

26 Jul 2017


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You want to work with an experienced local boutique law firm; one that understands you and your needs. A respected firm without big law firm pretentions and pricing. What happens when you need international services? Dennis Martin discusses six international issues that Snedden Hall & Gallop has helped clients with.

We have many clients – commercial and individuals – who, at times, need national and international legal services. One of the important initiatives taken since the firm was founded in 1961 was our being appointed in 1999 as the Canberra member of Meritas. Here are some examples of how this membership has helped our clients.

  1. Debt Recovery in the Middle East & Africa: Recovering a debt incurred in Australia by a foreign company or a foreign government can be difficult. By utilising the services of our international Meritas members we had judgement debts obtained in Australia registered in the debtor’s country of origin which we successfully enforced there.
  2. Employment Contract in USA: A client was contracted to work remotely with a company based in America. In conjunction with one of the US Meritas members, we were able to advise on both the Australian and American legal aspects of the contract.
  3. Trade mark Registration in Switzerland: A number of clients seek registration of trade marks in other countries. Recently, a client sought registration of trade marks in Switzerland. Our international Meritas member facilitated this for us.
  4. International deals in Europe and USA: A number of clients spend long periods doing business deals overseas. Meritas lawyers in various parts of the world have undertaken discrete parts of international negotiations.
  5. Visas from Canada: Migration advice is frequently sought by our Meritas colleagues for clients wanting to send key personnel to Australia to work. We recently provided migration advice for a local firm employing a skilled worker from Canada.
  6. Inheritance from Germany: With an ever-increasing multicultural client base the subject of inheritance of foreign assets often needs the services of our Meritas colleagues in many parts of the world. This is necessary to effect the transmission, comply with varying inheritance tax regimes and to understand the cultural norms and sensitivity which can be very different from our own. In a recent complicated matter, we assisted an Australian and German dual citizen to negotiate these issues.

Our global village

Wherever your business takes you, Snedden Hall & Gallop can assist you because Meritas firms have you covered. Snedden Hall & Gallop’s Meritas membership provides a gateway to 7,538 lawyers and 182 full-service law firms serving 239 markets*. Meritas facilitates Snedden Hall & Gallop to advise local, national, and international organisations and associations on their activities throughout Australia and the world. The Meritas alliance gives you access to carefully qualified legal advice, all with a common commitment to providing seamless client service.

Is it cost effective?

As part of the alliance, Meritas firms provide exceptional legal services linked to a cost-effectiveness that larger law firms simply cannot match. Our members invest in improving services and resources rather than opening costly overseas offices.

Do you have an international legal issue?

These are just some of the ways in which our Meritas membership has assisted our clients over the years. Should you have any international legal issues, Snedden Hall & Gallop can assist you. Our long-term relationships and vast experience are at your disposal to make the most of your unique situation.

Please contact us for any international business or personal matter by phone on (02) 6285 8000 or by email. You can see details of our Meritas relationships here.

*Details current at 1 July 2017